The exclusive objective of FOUNDRY ALFE CHEM  is to combine a high level of performance of lubricants and additives used in chemical and industrial processes with the maximum guarantees for the conditions of hygiene and safety at work shops and  safeguarding the environment in general.

Our products are conceived, designed and developed through the maximum possible integration with raw materials from renewable sources. In addition, they are easy to use, in line with the REACh regulations and often they show good  biodegradability.


Our ability to develop technology for lubricants and chemical products for metalworking, foundry and for industrial processes as a whole allows us to be aware of the entire processing cycle of the industry. Therefore, we can create business opportunities within the optimization of the products, and as technological performance, and as power economy and proven compatibility between them.


FOUNDRY ALFE  CHEM is also in the tannery industries, in the industries of glass, paper industries and automotive.


We have the latest facilities to anticipate and respond to customer needs with a “tailored” solution, thanks to our research and development dept. we can produce a full line of eco-products of new generation for the different processes and industrial activities.



line of environmentally friendly and compatible with the relevant health-food, formulated for the food industry and for Specific Uses.


in each product line are formulated with additives and bases compatible with the environment, derived from renewable resources and biodegradable.

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