Olitema  provides a global solution to the problem and cost determined by the management of the fluids, and offers to the customers a skilled staff who knows the products technologies and evaluates the best solutions.

OLITEMA studies the needs of the customer to advise solutions aimed at the specific requirements of the users by optimizing the choice and representing a reliable and irreplaceable partner through its products and a careful and widespread service:

  • Control the process, correct concentration, at the right temperature
  • Reduce waste treatment costs
  • Reduce the number of chemicals used
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Improvement in fluid control
  • Improve fluid performance
  • Reduction in fluid usage
  • Provision of fluid recycling
  • Reduction in waste / effluent
  • Program to meet ISO 1400
  • Predictive future total costs / item cost
  • Training
  • swarf handling filters and disposal
  • Raw water treatment
  • Provision of Equipment
  • Continuos Improvements
  • Conformity of supply / support
  • Dedicated support structure
  • One point of contact
  • Cost control fixed price
  • Information technology pool
  • Waste Management


The expertise of Foundry Alfe Chem are specifically tied to the formulation and application of products, not only for what concerns the performance of the products and their consumption, but also with regard to the ecological-environmental, industrial hygiene and compatibility and tractability of lubricants and auxiliary chemicals once unfit for production processes and thus be treated as industrial waste.

In addition to this, it is appropriate to mention also the cases in which the industrial water cooling and process are occasionally contaminated by lubricants and the auxiliary industrial chemicals and therefore, a re-use forecasts treatment is very appropriate.

Situations where these phenomena are internal contamination to themselves or external processes, due to:

  • glycols and poly-glycols in water
  • mineral oils
  • solvents
  • other

may be quite frequent.

We respect the environment

Foundry Alfe Chem, being aware of technologies relating to the formulation of products and their industrial applications is therefore able to offer the best techniques for the treatment and recovery of industrial water and process that the products they contain.


 Services of Environmental Consulting and Main Contracting 

Our experience as suppliers of products for industrial processes (lubricants, chemical auxiliaries and other) and of technical services supporting the industrial applications suggests us that, for every type of manufacturing, the environmental aspects of the process, if not well done and monitored, can frequently turn to environmental liabilities.

Based on the considerable experience we have matured in formulations, applications and process lines control of the chemical products used for industries, the environmental risk can be better controlled first of all on behalf of a strong prevention action (a typical prevention action is when a right formulation associated to a right application has well achieved)

Moreover, doing our job we experienced that, in an increasingly competitive global market, the environmental liabilities can rapidly grow up leading to conditions of negative economic impact.

Whatever approach you can use to solve any potential or actual environmental troubles, our experience showed that two ways demonstrated their capability for solving them: the prevention and the implementation of appropriated technologies for the corrective actions, both attained with a scientific-technical approach.

For assessing the environmental conditions of a site potentially polluted, two activities not invasive or scarcely invasive can be implemented:

  • Site investigation
  • Environmental risk assessment

A table which lists the environmental services that we can supply is summarized here below.

Environmental Consulting Implementing & Supporting to Operations                      (Main Contracting) Planning
Site Investigations (Nature & Extent) Treatability Testing -   Advocacy in Support/Defense of Environmental Tort Claims (Expert Witnesses)
Due Diligence Installation & Commissioning of Containment systems Merger and Acquisition Support
Phase 1 – Site Assessments Installation & Commissioning of In situ and On site Treatment Systems -   Environmental Due Diligence
Phase 2 – Site Assessments Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Remediation Installations -   Historical Research
Site Evaluations Thermal Treatment Systems -   Post-Acquisition Integration
Data Evaluation/Corrective Actions Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulatory Rule Making Support
Computer Modeling UST (*) Management
Health Risk Assessment Emergency Response (spills) Management
Air Quality Monitoring -  Chemicals
Remedial Design -  Oil
Engineering Operations Support
Containment Systems Design -  Contract Operations and Maintenance for Water, Wastewater and Thermal Treatment Systems (Process and Utility Systems)
Groundwater and Product   Recovery Design -  Preparation of O&M Manuals
Litigation Support - Precommissioning, Commissioning, and Startup
-  Pollution Prevention
-  Waste Minimization
I.P.P.C. (A.I.A. in Italy) prepara (*) Underground Storage Tanks
Community Relations
Information Management
-  Support Applications (Regulations, Training)
-  Site Applications (Sampling, Analytical Results)
-  Material Applications (Chemical Inventories, Waste Tracking)
Balance Sheet Liability Reduction for Distressed Properties
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